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Jobs that Are in High Demand in 2020

Although we are only a third through 2020, it's proven to be one of the tumultuous years to date. At the start of the year, the unemployment rate in the United States was 3.6%. Three months later, 20 million people have lost their jobs as the world learns to cope with the spread of COVID-19.

Yes, it is an unprecedented time in our country, but one that we will overcome.

For individuals that have been laid off, recent graduates, or those looking to re-enter the workforce, there are still plenty of opportunities.

Many jobs have emerged and are now in demand because of the pandemic.

Here's a closer look at what those opportunities are, where you can find them, and how you can put yourself in the best position to find a job that is pandemic and recession-proof.

What Jobs Are in High Demand Now?

While some industries have struggled during the pandemic, others have seen an uptick in business and demand.

According to a LinkedIn analysis of job postings in late March, here were the jobs with the highest demand:

  • Store Associate
  • System Operator
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Health Care Specialist
  • Construction Worker
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Psychologist
  • Vehicle Mechanic
  • Academic Adviser
  • Delivery Driver

These jobs are in high demand because of the new reality COVID-19 has created.

Grocery stores are considered essential, for example, because people need food, medicine, and, yes, toilet paper. They need people to stock the stores and run the register, which is why grocery stores all across the county are hiring at record-pace.

The same goes for convenience stores. 7-Eleven, as of right now, has the most open job postings in the United States.

Warehouse workers, delivery drivers, and others are in demand as more people seek goods delivered straight to their doors.

Systems operators are needed to ensure critical software and IT are maintained to keep us online and video conferencing with co-workers, family members, and friends.

Psychologists are seeing increased demand as individuals deal with the stress and mental anguish of living in quarantine.


How Does COVID-19 Affect Searching for a Job?

Since many businesses are not operating in the office and social distancing is now the norm, for the time being, the hiring process is very different. Some companies are trying out Zoom and Skype interviews rather than in-person interviews.

This is especially the case with grocery stores and other businesses that are trying to fill positions quickly to meet demand. Even if they are not open for business right now, many companies may be still looking at candidates, hoping to build a pipeline for when the economy opens up.

If you are currently searching for a job, it's important to keep your head high and do the work you would do if there wasn't a pandemic going on. Indeed, the job postings search engine, offers a few excellent recommendations that you should consider as you conduct your job search. They include the following:

  • Keep applying to the job that best matches your skills, experience, and qualifications.
  • Assess your resume, cover letter, and overall job search to see if you can make improvements.
  • Tailor your resume and cover letter. Be as specific as possible to the needs of the position.
  • If you need income fast, consider applying for gig work to build up your resume and bolster your income. There are apps available that may help you find work fast.

We would also encourage you to continue to visit our website where you will find the latest job postings from companies looking to hire right now. Our team can help place you into a position that best suits your skills and desired goals.

What Jobs Are Always in Demand?

Many of the most in-demand jobs are in fields that will continue to grow now and into the foreseeable future. Although COVID-19 will certainly impact some industries, there will still be a demand for people with experience in healthcare, transportation, warehousing, customer service, and IT.

If you have the ability to go back to school and get a degree, some of the most in-demand jobs for 2020 are also the highest paying. You may be able to qualify with an associate degree if you can show that you have the skills and knowledge to succeed in the role.

Here are some of the most in-demand jobs for 2020, according to Glassdoor:

Job Median Base Salary Degree
Front-end Engineer $105,240 Bachelor's
Data Scientist $107,801 Bachelor's or Master's
Product Manager $117,713 Bachelor's
Speech-Language Pathologist $71,867 Master's
Business Development Manager $78,480 Bachelor's
Nursing Manager $85,389 Master's
HR Manager $83,190 Bachelor's or Master's
Operations Manager $70,189 Bachelor's
Accounting Manager $85,794 Master's
Physical Therapist $71,483 Doctoral

Although many of the most in-demand jobs do require a four-year degree, there are many other opportunities out there that do not.

The following are in-demand jobs that only require an Associate's degree or high school diploma. (Note that you still may have to obtain certain licenses and certifications, provide relevant work experience, or demonstrate skills to show that you are qualified for the position.)

  1. Executive Assistant
  2. Plumber
  3. Electrician
  4. Customer Service Representative
  5. Web Developer
  6. Respiratory Therapist
  7. Medical Records Technician
  8. Sound Engineer
  9. Industrial Machine Repairer
  10. Paralegal

What Jobs Have Growing Demand?

As you see what kind of jobs are in-demand now and others that have always been in-demand, there are a few commonalities. Most of them involve either healthcare or technology as these are the fields that have sustained growth and where growth is expected to continue.

  • As Baby Boomers age, there will be many openings in healthcare to make sure they receive the care they need.
  • Tech positions will be in need as more companies opt for remote work solutions and other software/IT services to reduce their overhead, improve their efficiency, and stay flexible.
  • And let's not forget about the renewable energy industry. Some of the fastest-growing jobs are in this field as more companies and households invest in solar and wind energy to reduce their carbon footprint and save on utility bills.

Here are some of the fastest-growing jobs, according to Monster.com

Job Median Base Salary Projected Growth
Solar Photovoltaic Installer $39,490 105%
Wind Turbine Service Tech $53,880 96%
Home Care Aide $23,210 47%
Personal Care Aide $23,100 39%
Physician Assistant $104,860 37%
Nurse Practitioner $103,380 36%
Statistician $84,060 34%
Physical Therapist Assistant $57,430 31%
Software Developer $101,790 31%
Physical Therapist Aide $25,730 29%

What Are the Top Jobs in Demand in Your State?

Depending on the size, location, and the economy in your state, you may be more likely or less likely to find opportunities in your field. If you are looking for a career in your state, here are the most in-demand jobs based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

State Job
Alabama Information Security Analyst
Alaska Dental Hygienist
Arizona Nurse Practitioner
Arkansas Physician Assistant
California Solar Photovoltaic Installer
Connecticut Statistician
Delaware Personal Financial Advisor
Florida Physician Assistant
Georgia Physician Assistant
Hawaii Software Developer
Idaho Respiratory Therapist
Illinois Nurse Practitioner
Indiana Nurse Practitioner
Iowa Operations Research Analyst
Kansas Information Security Analyst
Kentucky Nurse Practitioner
State Job
Louisiana Software Developer
Maine Physician Assistant
Maryland Photographer
Massachusetts Statistician
Michigan Physician Assistant
Minnesota Statistician
Mississippi Software Developer
Missouri Information Security Analyst
Montana Nurse Practitioner
Nebraska Information Security Analyst
Nevada Electrical Equipment Assembler
New Hampshire Physician Assistant
New Jersey Solar Photovoltaic Installer
New Mexico Information Security Analyst
New York Solar Photovoltaic Installer
North Carolina Statistician
State Job
North Dakota Rotary Drill Operator, Oil and Gas
Ohio Physician Assistant
Oklahoma Home Health Aide
Oregon Physician Assistant
Pennsylvania Statistician
Rhode Island Software Developer
South Carolina Physician Assistant
South Dakota Software Developer
Tennessee Software Developer
Texas Wind Turbine Service Technician
Utah Software Developer
Vermont Software Developer
Virginia Nurse Practitioner
Washington Marketing Manager
West Virginia Nurse Practitioner
Wisconsin Veterinarian
Wyoming Petroleum Engineer

While these are the most in-demand jobs in every state, they are by no means the only sought after jobs.

As we have learned over the past few months, things can change very quickly, which is why we encourage you to reach out to our experienced staffing coordinators if you are in need of a job. You might find something that stays in-demand and keeps you employed now and long into the future.

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