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Should You Hire Your Temp-Hire for a Permanent Role?

Temp-to-hire placements are becoming more common as employers and candidates seek more flexibility. Companies that have fluctuations in labor demand throughout the year can hire temporary employees when demand is greater. When they find an exceptional candidate or discover that they need to fill a long-term need, they can hire them full-time.

Candidates may be open to temp-to-hire placement because it gives them more flexibility to see if they would be a good fit for the company, and the role makes sense for their career planning. They can also take time to build professional relationships with their co-workers.

Why do companies opt for temporary placements?

The average job opening can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to fill. In that time, an employer may speak with dozens of candidates and conduct multiple interviews with the top ones. It can take a pretty significant time and financial investment to fill a role, which is why it's essential to find the right candidate so the hiring manager doesn't have to start over.

Some companies find that it makes more sense to take a temp-to-hire approach where they hire temporary employees to evaluate over a more extended time if they would make a good fit for a long-term role. This also gives them more flexibility to gauge whether they need a permanent position to fill a need.


What are some characteristics employers should look for when evaluating temps?

Temporary employment could be considered an extended interview. An employer wants to take the time to see if someone will make a good fit for the company. This means that they can perform the duties the position requires, and it also means that they add something to the company culture. While every company will havitsir own set of criteria when evaluating candidates, here are a few characteristics they are probably looking for:


Attire will obviously depend on the work setting and the duties performed, but it should match what others are wearing. If it's an office setting, this could mean a pair of slacks and a button down. More importantly, the employee should come in on-time and act professionally while on the job. If someone looks and acts professional, it will reflect well on them as well as the company.

Willingness to learn new things

Any temporary employee will need to learn new things in their role. Asking questions and accepting feedback is an important part of the process. If someone has a willingness to learn and wants to improve, they may be a good long-term fit. The best employees are sponges. They welcome feedback, listen, and apply what they learned to improve.


Showing up is half the battle, right? If an employee calls out often with a new excuse each time, they are likely not going to be a good addition to the team. When someone calls out, it causes disruptions as the team has to scramble to cover for them. Obviously, if an employee is sick or has an emergency, they can and should call out. But they should give you as much notice as possible and not make it a weekly occurrence. Look for temporary employees who show up each day ready to work. They are the ones you will be able to rely on a full-time basis.

Has a Positive Attitude

When evaluating employees, companies should get input from those that work with them to see what they think. Is this someone that comes in with a positive attitude every day and is someone you could work with? Do they face new challenges with a smile on their face or do they complain and make others around them feel bad? Hire the ones who lift morale and bring positivity to the workplace every day.

Goes the Extra Mile

Companies hire temporary employees because they have a pressing labor need. However, there may be downtime. How does someone respond when they have nothing to do? Do they come to their manager and ask if there is anything they need to do? Or do they take out their phones and start browsing their social media? Employees who take initiative and want to help in any way they can without interfering in others' work can be a tremendous asset to the company.

These are five common characteristics, but there may be more a company may want to consider as they make hiring decisions. Before hiring temporary employees, managers and other appropriate team members should meet to determine how they will evaluate any temporary employees if there is an opportunity to keep them on full-time.

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How long can an employee be temporary?

Several court cases, including a 1992 class-action lawsuit against Microsoft, have ruled that you can't keep temporary employees on for an indefinite period. The general rule is that temporary employees should not have the same responsibilities as full-time employees for an indefinite period.

The Department of Labor restricts that period of time to up to a year in its definition of temporary employment, and federal law prevents companies from hiring the same temporary employee for more than two consecutive years. A company should establish upfront how long a project will take and clarify any expectations for the next steps.

A staffing agency, like J & J Staffing, will provide you with a client contract that will list all rights and obligations for the client and the staffing agency. A company can work with the staffing agency to determine terms and conditions, like the number of hours and hourly rate as well as buyout options once the predetermined hours have been completed and the company wants to hire them on a full-time basis.

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