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10-Point Staffing Assessment

J & J’s ten-point staffing assessment is designed to give companies a clear picture of where they stand in their local employment marketplace.

In one complimentary consultative phone call, you’ll receive detailed advice for how you can stand out in your local industry. This instant value gives you exactly what you need to know during that initial call.

After your consultation with one of our representatives, you’ll receive a free executive summary document detailing your conversation and providing recommendations for next steps. As a result of this free service, you’ll be better prepared to run your employment and hiring processes.

1. Describe your current staffing challenges.

Hiring a new employee is rarely simple and quite often can be very challenging. Tell us about a specific staffing challenge your company is dealing with.

2. Describe your industry.

Each industry has its own recruitment and retention challenges. Detail the industry standard for hiring and keeping new employees.

3. Do you have any local industry competitors?

Local industry competitors can be a source of recruitment, or they can be stealing your employees. List your competitors here along with any possible staffing challenges you've had with them.

4. Do you have any local non-industry companies that you compete against?

If we can understand who you are competing against for the best candidates in our recruiting pool, we can tailor our offering to show all the ways your company is different. List any non-industry competitors you have here.

5. Describe your company culture.

Every company has a culture. That culture speaks loudly to potential new employees. Your recruitment message should reflect that culture and show your company’s unique qualities. Use this space to detail what your company’s culture is like along with any values you maintain as a team.

6. What are you selling to
your employees?

Why would someone want to work for your company? This is a simple question with huge implications. Having a clear message that highlights the great things about your company is essential to attracting and hiring the best candidates in your local recruiting pool. Take the time to explain what your company’s unique staffing proposition is to better handle candidate outreach.

7. Who would you consider your top employee(s), and what traits do they posses that you would like to see in your new staff members?

Understanding the traits of your most valued employees is the first step in recruiting for more candidates just like them. Write out these ideal traits in list format for a clear picture of what you should focus on.

8. Describe your normal
recruiting process.

When a need to hire additional staff arises, what is your normal process? Understand the steps, the staff, and the time involved in making a new hire at your company.

9. Where do you advertise your
open positions?

When you identify the need for a new hire, how do you ’spread the word’ about your new opening? You can’t hire the perfect candidate if they don’t know about your open position. Write ideas for advertising a position here.

10. Where does your company fall in regards to compensation in your employment marketplace?

Your company does not need to be the top in every compensation category. You do need to have an honest understanding of where you stand so you can attract candidates that want what you offer. Compensation considerations:

  • Salary
  • Benefits
  • Flexibility
  • Additional enticements, i.e. -
    paid tuition, day care, etc.

Add your compensation offerings here, in as much detail as possible.

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